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Many project initiators may be individuals or small startups with a physical presence in one or a few states; however, they may be deemed to have substantial nexus in additional states through the crowdfunding moderator.
The majority of the mathematical models developed for the case of multifunctional initiators in the literature do not compute the detailed molecular structure of the obtained polymer, only the moments of the molecular weight distributions are calculated.
In the first phase, the initiator records a snapshot by propagating the probes along the edges of the WFG.
as well as newly acquired Syrgis Performance Initiators, Inc.
SAS' full-duplex, point-to-point architecture also supports simultaneous active connections among multiple initiators and high-performance SAS targets.
However, some brilliant minds asked some good questions and realized that once again some of the photo initiators weren't being polymerized.
Because iSCSI uses standard Gigabit Ethernet components to transport data, a server can use a combination of the Microsoft iSCSI Software Initiator along with an off-the-shelf Ethernet Network Interface Card (NIC) for a low-cost iSCSI initiator solution.
As the only major initiator supplier with a generally available iSCSI adapter, we anticipate that the introduction of iSCSI targets such as the iCS2100, will accelerate the deployment of IP SANs.
Representatives of the Channel Islands National Park - one of the proposal's two initiators - are pleased with the direction the Fish and Game Commission is taking.
Many different plant enzymes compete for the same initiators to synthesize thousands of other substances, such as pigments and scents," says Siler.
During this post-auction process, the initiator and best-price contra are placed into a private facility for continued anonymous negotiation of both price and size parameters.
One of the initiators of the law, MP Shirin Aitmatova reminded that the bill is designed to reduce use of kinship for promotion of civil servants or persons employed at enterprises with stake of the government and municipal assets.