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Two aspects of this initiatory process are the actual baptismal event and the rite of confirmation.
Solon on the Beach: Some Pragmatic Functions of the Limen in Initiatory Myth and Ritual.
But this attainment, which necessitated deep purification, required an initiatory preparation and seclusion that either a ruling king could not have time to afford, or he was simply denied the privilege.
Like Subhi Mansur, GharawiIsfahani propounds extensive discussions controverting commandments concerning apostasy, stoning, necessity of Friday prayer, and initiatory jihad [50].
Everyman opens at the protagonist's gravesite--"grave" and "cemetery" appear in the first sentence--which is at once the initiatory trauma and endpoint of the plot.
138) Unquestionably, in the Catholic-Orthodox tradition there can be no valid eucharist without a valid priesthood, and that priesthood is dependent on being signed with the Sacred Chrism (whether at the initiatory rites or at ordination).
Spenser's depiction of ritual Isiac motifs parallels Kyd's use of them in The Spanish Tragedy to create an initiatory context and hidden meanings.
My conclusions are that both the act of marriage and the completion of the initiatory process could be understood as a man's union with Afek.
Initiatory force against innocent people or their rightfully owned property is strictly prohibited by law.
Jean Dubuffet, "The Initiatory Paintings of Alfonso Ossorio," trans.
The exhibition, entitled The Tea Roads, is an initiatory journey, offering a unique opportunity to understand the universal reach of tea, and the many cultural practices associated with drinking tea.
Indeed, no artist of the past four decades (with the initiatory exception of Robert Rauschenberg) is as associated with such a catholicity of readings in response to pictorial references.