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But it is striking that support from within the much diminished Church of England has been relatively strongly sustained, even more significantly that a church leader of the stature of Desmond Tutu should have gone out of his way to affirm the society's role in his own church's struggle in the 1980s, and that the society had a creative initiatory role in the 1990s in.
Rather, they work to heighten it, prolonging the moment between the initiatory arousal and the promised -- albeit delayed -- climax.
The initiatory ritual of kuttab simultaneously marks the `betrothal' of a five-year-old child with the girl destined for him by his parents and whom he must later marry, and his `nuptials', his union with the Torah, for the ceremony takes place on the first day of the festival of Shavu'ot which commemorates the revelation of Sinai and the `gift of the Law', and is accompanied by a first initiation into the Hebrew alphabet.
As the references to voyages and rebirth may have already suggested, Travy's anabasis is an initiatory movement, accomplished in stages and by means of trials.
And, as Jose Valero notes, literary activity within these circles often was initiatory for future members of the governing elite (Valero 217).
aware only of a sense of androgynous fusion, of initiatory confusion as
Bernstein interprets this initiatory trauma as an expression of hysteria and "somatization", i.
Thus, pederasty is neither a survival of an initiatory rite from a more primitive time, nor an invention of the Greek Dark Age among men deprived of female companionship.
The narrator of Lady Chatterley also implies that novels should have a two-phased initiatory structure: in the first phase, the "properly handled" novel should "lead" the reader's "sympathy away in recoil from things gone dead"; in the second phase, it should "reveal the most secret places of life" by "cleansing and freshening" the "tide of sensitive awareness" (106).
Ideologically strengthened by the collapse of communism, corporate capital has used its initiatory power in the realms of investment, employment, pricing, industrial location, and selective implementation of new technologies to leapfrog ahead of the ability of progressive forces to mobilize and fight back - which takes time, organization, and, if history teaches us anything, decades of struggle.
What seems most salient to me about his description of the "initiatory apprehension" is his explicit wish to describe an internally mobile, contradictory quality of the hypothesized "unity" of vision: "All depends upon the original unity, the vital wholeness and identity, of the initiatory apprehension or view.
Overall, about one-third engaged in at least one of the more demanding, initiatory behaviors of cooperative efforts, voicing, and/or contacting.