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Momentum became a customer of GuestLogix in September 2012 when the Company acquired its leading competitor, Initium Onboard.
This year the company also expanded its European operations by acquiring Initium Consulting Group B.
While one needs God's grace to live a virtuous life, a person's first turn to God--the initium fidei--comes about through one's own agency.
admits that the theme of the very initium fidei as a grace rather than as merely an act of the human will only slowly emerged in the later sermons, though he finds it is implicit or simply unmentioned in the earlier ones.
Currently sold in boutiques and optometrist offices nationwide, the San Diego showroom will primarily carry the Alexander Daas brand, as well as other independent brands such as KBL, Initium and more.
TO), the leading global provider of onboard retail and payment technology solutions to airlines and the passenger travel industry, today announced a multi-year agreement with Finnair Travel Retail Oy to deploy its technology platform including components from the Initium Onboard product suite onboard Finland''s flag carrier, Finnair.
Chigasaki, Japan, Oct 25, 2012 - (JCN Newswire) - Initium Inc.
Odo defines the (co) determinants of a chant as the final, the distinctiones (intermediate cadences), and the ambitus; Guido of Arezzo still acknowledges the importance of the initium, but likewise gives greater weight to the final.
et specialiter in festiuitatibus beatorum Iohannis Baptiste, Petri et Pauli, et Assumptionis beate Marie que sunt precipue illius temporis sollempnitates et hoc facere incipiunt in ipso festo beati Iohannis in crepusculo pro eo quod ipse fuit finis ueteris testamenti et initium noui.
hic enim, quem ad modum ex Oceano dicit ipse (12) amnium fontiumque cursus initium capere, omnibus eloquentiae partibus exemplum et ortum dedit.
The original work on the StandPoint project was carried out in conjunction with Initium, a former neighbouring company at the Business Innovation Centre - now based at the Science Park's Warwick Innovation Centre.
The original work on the StandPoint was carried out in conjunction with Initium, a former neighbouring company at the Business Innovation Centre.