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Antonio Cassese, Ex iniuria ius oritur: Are We Moving
13 (e) est enim (f) aliquid quod opinantur universi natura commune ius et iniuria tametsi nullum habeunt (g) invicem ipsi communionem nullave pactio intercedat; [in fact, there is something that all, by a common nature, suppose of the just and unjust even if they do not have a mutual association or there is no agreement between them.
Tout au long du 19e siecle, les jurisprudences et doctrines anglaise et americaine ont structure la responsabilite civile autour du damnum iniuria et culpa datum romain dont elles ont meme tres largement conserve la terminologie latine (141).
In this paragraph ius and iniuria can work only within a concrete human society, in a well-defined state, pace animal rights, pace human being as cosmopolites.
1, 11 (1999) (finding even the mere threat of armed intervention to violate the prohibition on the threat or use of force); Antonio Cassese, Ex Iniuria ius Oritur: Are we Momng Towards International Legitimation of Forcible Humanitarian Countermeasures in the World Community?
Consent for lawful medical interventions is based on the principle or defence of volenti non fit iniuria, (16) which in certain circumstances may exclude the wrongfulness or unlawfulness of a crime or delict: (17) the literal meaning is 'no harm is done to someone who consents thereto'.
791, 792-93 (1999) (noting that even though very few states have recognized the legality of the intervention, many have recognized that it was morally and politically necessary); Antonio Cassese, Ex Iniuria Ius Oritur: Are We Moving Towards International Legitimation of Forcible Humanitarian Countermeasures in the World Community?
37) "Di immortales, qui nec uolunt obesse nec possunt; natura enim illis mitis et placida est, tam longe remota ab aliena iniuria quam a sua" (Seneca, De ira 2.
One can easily apply the common law crimes of defamation, indecency (Online child pornography, decimation of child porn), crimen iniuria (also known as Cyber-smearing) fraud (Cyber fraud) (S v.
The Roman law concept of iniuria has both a broad and narrow meaning.
phrase summum ius, summa iniuria, though the truth of this saying does