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Botox injected into the region between the eyes, to minimize wrinkling.
Compared with people who had received a placebo, those who got the spray vaccine developed flu about half as often, and those who got the injected vaccine fell ill only one-quarter as often, the researchers report in the Dec.
Then the second material was injected onto the tie layer.
In two oil wells, they injected a solution of Bacillus bacteria along with nutrients for the bacteria to live on.
laevis tadpoles (Nieuwkoop and Faber 1967) in which TH synthesis was inhibited by 1 g/L sodium perchlorate to determine whether waterborne estrogenic chemicals activate ERE-TK-LUC injected into the larval brain.
LIS starts a two-part polymer that is injected through a static mixer into the gasket fill port.
In one of the newly-published studies, CORTOSS was percutaneously injected into the fractured vertebra of 24 patients with pain related to vertebral fractures caused by osteoporotic and metastatic disease.
Unlike powders, they become active in a very short time after being injected into the wash wheel, regardless of water temperature.
In this article, we describe a case of ranula that we successfully treated with locally injected OK-432.
Could this difference have been due to the fact that the animal studies injected the active substance (PMPA), while humans use an oral prodrug (tenofovir) designed to be converted to PMPA by the body?
For liquid silicone, although injected into a hot mold for curing, the injection assembly needed to be chilled to inhibit silicone curing and clogging.