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Awareness and publicity campaigns should be tailored specifically and displayed aptly in those places which are frequently visited by injecting drug users.
"There are a number of health risks associated with injecting drug use, including bacterial infections such as septicaemia and tetanus and abscesses, cellulitis and collapsed veins which can result from injecting with a blunt needle.
"We found that people who started injecting injected for several years, but then went back to noninjecting drug use.
"These drugs are clearly potentially deadly: we would urge users not to risk their life by taking substances without knowing what they are injecting".
The evidence is overwhelming, medically supervised injecting centres work, Dr Loy said.
Frequency, factors and costs associated with injection site infections: findings from a national multi-site survey of injecting drug users in England.
The researchers also recommend that prevention programs should specifically target drug users who recently began injecting, in order to establish safer injection practices early on and ideally to stop drug use while the habit is new.
The National Aids Trust (NAT) said those using performance or image-enhancing drugs needed to know the risks that came with injecting them.
In people who continued injecting drugs, chances or needle sharing rose 73% in the first year of antiretroviral therapy and continued rising after that.
In Khyber Pakhtunkhwa 90,000 addicts use drug and 8,000 use injecting drug and Balochistan 45,000 drug users and 4,500 injecting drug users.
The rise in the number of people injecting is also worrying because of the increased risk of blood-borne viruses, such as hepatitis C.
The central bank has been injecting cash into the market every week since October 2011 and, according to market analysts, some of the local banks use the liquidity to fund the finance ministry at lower yields.