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Next was made injection simulation with one or two injection channels in subprogram MOLD FLOW.
The Pushtrusion system starts with an extra reciprocating-screw unit mounted above the main injection unit.
If a ladle has not been thoroughly cleaned, initial sampling from a degassing and/or flux injection process will show erratic results.
In many South American countries, mercury is often administered by intravenous injection to help athletes and boxers build muscle mass, a practice based on superstition (Smith et al.
Without EMG guidance, injection sites are determined by palpating the affected muscle groups.
Common side effects include mild injection-site reactions such as swelling or reddening and, less commonly, a short-term spell of flushing, chest tightness, and sometimes, shortness of breath immediately after an injection.
Standard features: Modular construction, three screw diameters, injection unit convertible to vertical parting-line position; injection unit movable horizontally for off-centered injection (Vario principle) on 77-ton model; Selogica control with graphical sequence programming and integrated robot and peripheral-device programmability.
either heat transfer models or wax pressure measurements may be used to determine the optimum dwell time (or injection port dimensions) to prevent premature injection port freezing;
This is a preliminary report of an ongoing study to test the efficacy of intralesional injections of the antiviral drug cidofovir in adults with recurrent laryngeal papillomas in whom multiple other treatments have previously failed.