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Up to now, injection molding was considered too expensive for the fairly small production volumes (5000 to 20,000 pieces), due to high tooling costs and difficulties in maintaining surface quality in large parts.
The problem was batch specific, since trials on the other injection molding presses produced the same results.
While injection molding of micro-sized parts with dimensions in the millimeter range is growing in importance, current simulation software reportedly is not appropriate for parts of such scale.
The two Van Dorn 230 cold runner injection molding machines (50 mm screw size), operating at a barrel temperature of 330[degrees]F to 350[degrees]F, would be purged up to five times per week.
Production and prototype tools for thermoplastic and thermoset injection molding.
Session 3 on "Special injection molding processes II" will include the following presentations: "The ITM process by comparison to multi-cavity injection molding," M.
Four lines of injection molding robots with pneumatic or servo operation, rail or beam configurations, for top- or side-entry, sprue or part removal, inserting, stacking and part pick-up from pattern operations.