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Their expectations, their feelings and their distress would be unnecessarily dragged once again into the media spotlight - this is something which I believe is unforgivable, injudicious and insensitive.
Owen Smith expressed himself clumsily in calling for a dialogue and peace talks, prompting supporters of Jeremy Corbyn, criticised for their man's own injudicious past comments, to pose as tougher on terror to embarrass his rival.
Following its keenness to shoulder its responsibilities, the Government -- as it espouses the principles set forth by the Basic Law of the State and perceives the essence of His Majesty the Sultan's Royal speeches on responsible freedom of expression, and after elaborate study of all aspects of the issue -- has undertaken procedures to protect the judicial institution and secure it against tampering of the injudicious and the scornful attitude of any entity that might disdain the values of Omani society.
It would be injudicious to speculate in this situation," Swarup added.
It seems injudicious at a time when Mr Cameron was trying to convince not only the MPs but also the country about the need for airstrikes in Syria.
AMR is a worldwide public health threat, and there is a strong relationship between injudicious use of antibiotics and its development.
Gregory sent Brooks' off-stump spinning to make it 390 for nine with Bairstow on 90 before an injudicious swipe at Gregory cost him his wicket.
Integrated efforts include Health education, focused antenatal care, skilled attendance, avoidance of injudicious use of oxytocin, and need of hospital based deliveries in patients with caesarean section which should be intensified to reduce this drastic obstetrical complication.
IAN Bell insists England did not underestimate the West Indies ahead of the first Test, despite some injudicious comments from the incoming chairman of the England and Wales Cricket Board.
Clarke said Dyck's comment was thoughtless and injudicious, and that she should apologize for them.
The bench having read a letter written by the prisoner, Dr Oldershaw remarked she evidently had a great deal of technical knowledge, but this was a very injudicious letter to have written.
The pair staged a short, but savage, contest at Wembley Arena in September 1980 following a clutch of injudicious comments - by both men - which fanned ugly racial feeling among a small group of spectators.