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Pierson (2002) also noted that in preparation for patient care, the physical therapist should be aware of his or her own personal biases, prejudices, attitudes, and values to better understand the effect these beliefs may exert on a patient if they are applied injudiciously.
Now we have vanishing and insufficient strength used injudiciously, promiscuously, slowly, and ineffectively.
In our hospital setting, therapeutic antibiotics were given injudiciously in multiple dosage at the consultant's discretion and personal choice, as there were no proper guidelines being followed.
The former Lazio and Inter Milan manager also took aim at match officials for the game at Carrow Road and his comments, injudiciously perhaps, come only two days after the FA requested an (http://soccernet.
Yet wisely or injudiciously, Canberra appears to have removed the wiggle room it may once have been seeking.
Do not injudiciously use non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agents (NSAIDs) in patients with hypertension, heart failure; or chronic kidney disease of all causes (including diabetes).
Meyer injudiciously accepts an invitation to meet Tom Duffy (Giamatti), the senior campaign manager for Morris's chief opponent, Governor Pullman.
The selection courageously includes the crude, much debated Venice red-chalk composition sketch of the Last Supper, which is correctly attributed to Leonardo by the curator of the exhibition, but which in 2001 was injudiciously denounced as a later imitation.
Even before George enters, we encounter him as a familiar presence in Williams: the wan, noncompliant male injudiciously selected by the caring and quasi-maternal woman.
Quaid-i-Azam's centralization could be justified as the need of newly born state, but Governor General Ghulam Muhammad injudiciously continued the strategy of centralization even more.
Ray of India Rail injudiciously called the most beautiful scenery in India, some 8,345 miles away, at 11:20 P.