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Many people perceive tattoos and excessive body piercing as "blue-collar" artifacts, remnants of rebellion and immature injudiciousness that carry negative implications.
at 147-41 (Scalia's intemperateness toward his colleagues and injudiciousness in print).
68] Faith is the very antithesis of reason, injudiciousness a crucial component of spiritual devotion.
While Todorov is right - "the relation to values is inherent in literature" - it is unfortunately true that every accusation against ethical criticism and ethical critics(3) can be historically and concretely substantiated by the injudiciousness, extremism, shrillness, or dogmatism of some ethical critic or other.(4) Historically, and unfortunately, many of the conspicuous examples of ethical criticism in action present images of dogmatic moralists, zealous religionists, or belligerent burghers trampling art, tolerance, and free speech in the dust with a nasty kind of self-satisfaction.
The purchase of the luxury vehicle at an 'exorbitant and grossly excessive price for her personal use,' Gadon said, only showed Sereno's 'injudiciousness, lack of economy and propriety, and grave abuse of discretion.'
722-23; idem, "Reciprocal Injudiciousness?," Phi Delta Kappan, December 2000, pp.