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The City argues that the Retirees have not sought injunctive and declaratory relief in the breach of contract claim, and proof of damages stemming from the alleged breach is an essential element of the claim.
On September 24, 2018, after briefing and an evidentiary hearing, this Court granted BCI's motion for injunctive relief and entered the following Order:
It was reported yesterday that Massachusetts-based DUSA has received preliminary injunctive relief by a US federal district court prohibiting Biofrontera defendants from using its confidential and proprietary trade secret information, according to Sun Pharmaceutical Industries in a regulatory filing.
He has experience handling matters involving torts, consumer fraud, unfair trade practices, injunctive relief, and product liability claims.
Second, Winter also requires that the party requesting injunctive relief demonstrate that it is likely it will suffer irreparable harm absent the preliminary injunction.
But while the injunctive order of the High Court was subsisting, the APC went ahead and conducted the ward, local government and state congresses on May 19, 20 and 21.
Where claim for declaratory and injunctive relief was not a core proceeding of bankruptcy action but was a state law breach-of-contract claim and had no effect on debtor's bankruptcy estate, bankruptcy court erred in exercising jurisdiction over merits.
Western Digital said it filed a request for injunctive relief in order to protect its interest in the JVs and its consent rights.
Wintergreen Advisers, LLC has brought an action for declaratory judgment and injunctive relief against Consolidated-Tomoka Land Co.
The ruling practically allowed Globe to just cite the injunctive relief, which the CA 12th Division has given to PLDT to block the PCC's move to investigate the deal.
Scenarios in which a court may grant security or injunctive relief could include:
And specifically the injunctive remedy--requiring, as consideration for