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17 Further the comparison across personal characteristics indicated that females appeared to be scored higher on non-suicidal self injurious behaviors as compared to their male counterparts.
Multifactorial interventions for fall prevention in hospital settings may decrease injurious fall incidents and sustain decreased rates of such falls.
The petitioner invoked the case of De La Rama, where the high court ruled that hospital arrest fell short of meeting or accomplishing the humanitarian purpose or reason underlying the doctrine adopted by modern trend of courts' decisions which permit bail to prisoners, irrespective of the nature and merits of the charge against them, if their continuous confinement during the pendency of their case would be injurious to their health or endanger their life.
Prasad said,"The existence of radiation is not the issue; but whether it is injurious or not is the issue.
Neither vitamin D nor exercise has been found to prevent falls in older women, but exercise, particularly balance and strength training, can mitigate risk of more injurious falls, according to a recent study of 409 women, mean age of 74.
claimed $8,224,671 in damages for injurious affection (based on the tort of nuisance) under the Expropriations Act, RSO 1990, c E.
Exercise, rather than vitamin D supplementation, may be key to preventing injurious falls in older women, the latest study from JAMA Internal Medicine suggests.
Imperial Sugar invokes its statutory right to petition for review of the suspension agreements in these investigations because a serious question exists whether the injurious effect of subject merchandise is 'eliminated completely' by the agreements as written," the petition says.
The deteriorating health of people of all ages and very particularly the young, can be attributed to chemicals, colours and injurious ingredients used in the preparation of fast foods and energy drinks.
BUNER -- Additional Assistant Commissioner (AAC) Mandan tehsil Abdul Lateef sent a butcher, Qasim, to prison for fifteen days besides imposing heavy fine after confirmation from laboratory that he had been selling meat that was injurious to health.
Using inpatient injurious fall rates as an example, two of my recent studies agree with the ANA's proposition (Tzeng, Titler, Ronis, & Yin, 2012; Tzeng, 2013), but the results of another study (Tzeng, Hu, & Yin, 2011) point to the opposite conclusion, that injurious fall rates would decrease if hospitals had lower all-nursing personnel full-time equivalents (FTEs) per 1,000 discharges and lower percentages of registered nurse FTEs as a proportion of all nursing personnel FTEs.