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To interfere with the legally protected interest of another or to inflict harm on someone, for which an action may be brought. To damage or impair.

The term injure is comprehensive and can apply to an injury to a person or property.


Tort Law.

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The CJP replied: "Supari and gutka are injurious to health.
For each possession with intent charge he was given 20 months, for the commercial practice charge eight months, and for the injurious food charge eight months, all to run at the same time, making a total of 20 months.
Decreasing self injurious behaviors in children with autism spectrum disorders.
The exact reasons of these stereotype self-stimulatory injurious behaviors are not known.
Multifactorial interventions for fall prevention in hospital settings may decrease injurious fall incidents and sustain decreased rates of such falls.
The petitioner invoked the case of De La Rama, where the high court ruled that hospital arrest fell short of meeting or accomplishing the humanitarian purpose or reason underlying the doctrine adopted by modern trend of courts' decisions which permit bail to prisoners, irrespective of the nature and merits of the charge against them, if their continuous confinement during the pendency of their case would be injurious to their health or endanger their life.
The raiding team seized injurious animal feed, chemicals, cotton waste
The common law of injurious affection has developed over the years and the concepts of right of access, injurious affection, and nuisance are used interchangeably.
It is mentioned on packaging of pan masala, supari and alcoholic drinks that their consumption is injurious to health.
"Imperial Sugar invokes its statutory right to petition for review of the suspension agreements in these investigations because a serious question exists whether the injurious effect of subject merchandise is 'eliminated completely' by the agreements as written," the petition says..
The deteriorating health of people of all ages and very particularly the young, can be attributed to chemicals, colours and injurious ingredients used in the preparation of fast foods and energy drinks.
BUNER -- Additional Assistant Commissioner (AAC) Mandan tehsil Abdul Lateef sent a butcher, Qasim, to prison for fifteen days besides imposing heavy fine after confirmation from laboratory that he had been selling meat that was injurious to health.