injurious act

See: delict
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Everything he had said might refer to that other relation, and whatever had passed between him and herself was thoroughly explained by what she had always regarded as their simple friendship and the cruel obstruction thrust upon it by her husband's injurious act.
by arguing that an injurious act was beyond the scope of the
avoid state responsibility by arguing that an injurious act belonged in
Mallen agreed with Mexico that certain injurious acts performed by
1994) (explaining that some courts, such as Perkins and Franklin, required only that the injurious act have a high probability of causing harm, while others, such as Cecchini, required that the injurious act would almost certainly produce harm).
Offers could be turned down by claimants, but only in cases where the defendant's injurious acts were the result of gross misconduct provable beyond a reasonable doubt," he said.
Bredemeier, Shields, and colleagues (Bredemeier, 1985; Bredemeier & Shields, 1984, 1986a, 1986b; Bredemeier, Weiss, Shields, & Cooper, 1987) examined the relationships of level of moral reasoning to a variety of sport-related constructs, including gender differences, sport experience, level of contact, legitimization of injurious acts, and aggression2.
These findings support Nicholls' (1989) views and previous research examining goal orientation and legitimization of injurious acts (Duda et al.
Moral reasoning and the perceived legitimacy of intentionally injurious acts.
Depending on the problem being assessed, the consequences may involve conflict with parents, acceptance or rejection by friends, arrest and conviction for a crime, unwanted pregnancy, loss of self esteem, conflict with school authorities, short or long term injurious acts to one's own physical, emotional, and social well being, success or failure in the job/vocation, etc.
Principals (employers) generally are not liable for the injurious acts of independent contractors they have hired.