injurious conduct

See: mischief
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39) This, however, involves "intervening-choice" liability: the conduct (in this case, drug possession) is proscribed because of its tendency to induce another actor, or the same actor at a later time, to choose to engage in injurious conduct.
Any conduct deemed violent in extremis will result in a red card, but like soccer, particularly injurious conduct of a lesser nature results in not only a yellow card but also a 10-minute expulsion from the pitch which facilitates tempers to cool off.
While there are limited circumstances in which intentionally injurious conduct can fall within the scope of employment--such as when a store security guard or a bar bouncer uses force to subdue a customer (4)--the general rule is that assaults and other intentional torts are not within the scope of employment and cannot be the basis for respondeat superior liability.