injurious falsehood

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Injurious Falsehood

A fallacious statement that causes intentional damage to an individual's commercial or economic relations.

Any type of defamatory remark, either written or spoken, that causes pecuniary loss to an individual through disparagement of a particular business dealing.

For example, the early cases on injurious falsehood involved oral aspersions cast upon an individual's ownership of land, which prevented the individual from leasing or selling it. This tort has also been called disparagement of property, slander of goods, and trade libel.

Injurious falsehood is distinguishable from the more general harm to reputation in Libel and Slander.

injurious falsehood

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Australian lawmakers found this argument compelling and cited the existence of other causes of action, such as injurious falsehood, as a reason for eliminating most corporations' standing to sue in defamation.
The company filed a lawsuit against Gannett Company, the parent company of USA Today and the Arizona Republic, for libel, false light invasion of privacy, injurious falsehood and tortuous interference with business relations.
Action for Prima Facie Tort: The judge said that the plaintiffs had "stated a cause of action for injurious falsehood only as it relates to brand extensions allegedly not granted during the three years immediately preceding the filing.
Bonaventure University in New York of breach of contract, libel, invasion of privacy and injurious falsehood for firing him in the wake of a player eligibility scandal in the spring of 2003.