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Pain coping response of collegiate athletes involved in high contact, high injury potential sport.
A number of factors that influence injury potential and human tolerance levels have been identified by prior research, including: acceleration pulse amplitude, duration, and rise-time; occupant posture; restraint system use and design; and seat (cushion) characteristics [12,13,14].
Thoracic injury potential of basic competition taekwondo kicks.
Although the injury potential is truly minimal with airsoft guns, protective equipment is still crucial.
In this way we could avoid any broad, arbitrary exclusion of testimony or evidence simply because it may relate to a second collision case, when in fact that same evidence cannot be detached from the reality of what happens to people, and the risk of injury potential, when a motor vehicle crash occurs.
The injury potential for the younger child is significant because of the tremendous strength increase that emerges after puberty.
From an increased reliance on prescription drugs to a wariness of the injury potential in routine auto maintenance, seniors are reshaping Wal-Mart's offerings.
The public health community can be proactive and support efforts to decrease scooter-related injury in children by increasing awareness among parents and health-care providers of the injury potential and the need for safety measures when using scooters.
Notes the group's 1999 status report: "Although they [lap belts] can reduce the risk of ejection, they can also increase head injury potential in frontal crashes ...
Independent Witness Inc., manufacturers of Witness, a device that records vehicle accidents, has launched Accident Severity and Injury Potential Database, a consumer-based system that records every accident submitted by any of the Witnesses in use.
"Eye Injuries in 3-D" focuses on increasing awareness of eye injury potential so that reduction of such injuries can be achieved.
This argument says that studies have documented a relationship between speed and injury potential. The implication: Low-speed collisions causing little or no vehicle damage cannot cause occupant injury.

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