injuy in auto accident

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Country: United States of America
State: Nevada

I was injured in an auto accident where I was not at fault and the at fault party admitted they were at fault. I am a real estate agent and was practicing real estate during that time that I was injured well not during that time because I couldn't sit up in my computer chair or drive with out feeling too much pain but that was and still is my profession during the period where this all occurred.
Now I probably missed out on 10,000s of thousands of dollars in sales during the month or so that I couldn't work.
How would I go about compensation for missed wages? I mean I can't really prove that I missed out on that much money per say. I have a friend that also does real estate and they said they were compensated $100-200 per hour for a full 40 hour work week as this is the average of what a realtor's time is worth.
If you can give me any info and or guidance on this on I would appreciate it. I am using an attorney but I would like to confirm this before notifying them.


Two or three times medical costs is often a reasonable settlement...
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