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Use ink pad or apply water-base pens directly on the foam to stamp paper.
My first stamp cost $3, the ink pad was on sale for $3, and I used one really pretty paper that I cut off the bottom of a magazine advertisement.
So let's line up these officers and their staffs, their consultants, the CEOs, the lawyers, the boards of all those corporations that do business with them, get 'em all around the ink pad. Next time it'll be easier to go out and nab the culprits.
However, the earliest use of inro, a word which means seal case, was in China, where they were used for holding seals and an ink pad.
She made thumb prints on a piece of paper from an ink pad and turned them into different animals "In English students have to come up with a story and in maths they may have to look at the dimensions, "Mrs Millea added.
Attached to the door is an ink pad and a piece of paper - so a mum can take a print of their baby's hands or feet.
"The ink pad leaves no residue on fingers or clothing and the process takes just a few seconds.
Absorbent cloth to serve as an ink pad was attached to a solid sheet of wood and hinged to the back of the frame; stretched tightly across the opening was the screen, made of nylon bridal veil.
Next day, I watched as writer Bobby Tuazon "played piano" on an ink pad. Then again on the next, journalist Jo-Ann Maglipon.
Saddam's presidential stamp lies on an ink pad on a desk - alongside a piece of paper that reads in Arabic: "The President orders the Revolutionary Council..."
You'll also need an ink pad, usually available in red, green, black, or blue.
It looks like a drunken pigeon has landed in an ink pad and tried to dance the Bossanova.