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He had a vague inkling that many things had combined, things that she felt though was unconscious of, the intoxication of the air and the hops and the night, the healthy instincts of the natural woman, a tenderness that overflowed, and an affection that had in it something maternal and something sisterly; and she gave all she had to give because her heart was full of charity.
Since the day he brought me his letter from the Emperor, I have watched him carefully, and I believe I can honestly declare that not once in these eighteen months has he looked away from his task, nor has he given to one single person even an inkling of the thoughts which have passed through his mind.
"Oh, sir!" cried the servant, not without some inkling that, whilst deploring the mishap which had befallen Van Baerle, he was announcing agreeable news to his master, -- "oh, sir!
Untouched by the contagious malady himself, nevertheless he would have married her if he had had the slightest inkling of what she contemplated.
"It don't happen that you are a fighter I never heard of?" Billy queried, striving to get some inkling of the identity of the physical prodigy.
Jurgis wondered who had first thought of it; and when he was told that it was a common thing for men to do in America, he got the first inkling of a meaning in the phrase "a free country." The delegate explained to him how it depended upon their being able to get every man to join and stand by the organization, and so Jurgis signified that he was willing to do his share.
Put the case that he took her in, and that he kept down the old wild violent nature whenever he saw an inkling of its breaking out, by asserting his power over her in the old way.
One example of an inkling is the 2.70% gain this week for the Energy Select Sector Index (IXETR).
Inkling is on a mission: to teach Ethan how to draw, to help Ethan's artist dad get working again - and to try and fix something in Ethan's house and heart.
M2 EQUITYBITES-February 15, 2018-Marlin Equity Partners Closes Acquisition of Inkling Systems
The grandmother confirmed this but she said she had no inkling about her grandson's plan.
At Inkling, we cultivate this throughout our organization's managerial bench, and consider this to be one of the best uses of HR's time and focus.