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25, 2014 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- In a continuing effort at the frontier of electronic publishing, the Lincoln Institute is now offering its bestselling title, Made for Walking: Density and Neighborhood Form, as an enhanced ebook on the Inkling platform.
Find your own way home, signed Toto'' was just an inkling of her infectious sense of humor.
From the media coverage of the brutal event, the New Yorkers had no inkling of what they'd encounter in Wyoming except deranged cowboys bent on killing queers.
Scientists got their first inkling of Hubble's latest trouble on July 24, when the Goddard High-Resolution Spectrograph failed to relay some of its ultraviolet data.
SAN FRANCISCO -- Inkling, creators of the new standard for interactive learning on iPad, secured significant minority investments from McGraw-Hill and Pearson, the two largest educational content providers in the world.
The 20 Million Minds Foundation (20MM), in partnership with Inkling, is excited to unveil the new, interactive digital versions of two free OpenStax College textbooks that students can access via the Inkling platform on iPad, iPhone, and the Web, with Android version coming soon.
Ortiz lasted 6 2/3 innings but had an inkling the prospects for a comeback were slim.
Recht says the rodents' ability to keep out of sight is one reason so few of the homeowners whose yards he surveyed had any inkling they harbored rats.
As Inkling extends its game-changing approach to all types of books, Aptara is expanding our dedicated full-service Inkling Design & Production Center to all publishers," said Dev Ganesan, President and CEO of Aptara.
All titles are available on various eBook platforms without the Inkling features such as Amazon Kindle, Barnes and Noble Nook, and with select titles also available on VitalSource.
To learn more about the work being done by Inkling's clients, read about how Qualcomm, Medtronic, and Airways New Zealand are using the Inkling platform.
Hopelessly lost in space, Gyro has an idea, an inkling about how to use his programming experience to rescue the ship, but a mutiny erupts on board, making survival a race against time as their food supply runs out.