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INLAND. Within the same country.
     2. It seems not to be agreed whether the term inland applies to all the United States or only to one state. It has been holden in Now York that a bill of exchange by one person in one state, on another person in another, is an inland bill of exchange; 5 John. Rep. 375; but a contrary opinion seems to have been held in the circuit court of the United States for Pennsylvania. Whart. Dig. tit. Bills of Exchange, E, pl. 78. Vide 2 Phil. Ev. 36, and Bills of Exchange.

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Fazal Mohammad Abrejo is made Chief Commissioner Inland Revenue Regional Tax Office, Sukkur as he is moved from the office of Commissioner-IR, Inland Revenue (Appeals-I), Karachi; Syed Nadeem Hassan is posted to the office of Commissioner Inland Revenue (Appeals-I), Lahore from Chief Commissioner-IR, Regional Tax Office, Sukkur; Amir Ali Khan Talpur to Commissioner Inland Revenue (Zone-IV) Large Taxpayers Unit, Islamabad from Commissioner-IR, (Zone-II) Regional Tax Office, Islamabad; Mohammad Nadeem Arif to Commissioner Inland Revenue (WHT) Regional Tax Office, Lahore from Commissioner-IR, (Zone-X) Regional Tax Office II, Lahore; Imtiaz Ahmad Dev to Commissioner Inland Revenue (BTB) Regional Tax Office, Karachi from Commissioner-IR, (WHT) Regional Tax Office II, Karachi.
Inland Western--which is headquartered in Oak Brook, Illinois--is sponsored by an affiliate of The Inland Real Estate Group of Companies, Inc.
Today, Inland is going to be one of the key players in the packaging business, with the acquisition of Gaylord Container, assets from Chesapeake, and others.
He directed the ballet for Inland Pacific and also appeared as Dr.
Containers usually go directly to a distribution center in Buenos Aires and goods are then moved inland by truck," says Agustin Iriondo, logistics manager for S.
The same criteria would be applied in determining whether the price is arm's length, and the Inland Revenue will have the same opportunity for review and adjustment.