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In addition, the firm offers Corium models featuring 24k gold plated iPhones housing premium quality crocodile leather inlay and a logo made from hand cut black mother of pearl decorated with solid 18k gold.
UNESCO, as a key partner of the ACB and within the ASEAN UNESCO Framework Agreement for Cooperation, was invited to participate in the AHP5 and join the field trip to Inlay Lake together with AHP Committee members, ASEAN Working Group on Nature Conservation and Biodiversity (AWGNCB) members, AHP managers and other relevant partners of the ASEAN Heritage Parks Programme.
FLO-MO is the latest proprietary offering from Andrews & Wykeham that integrates dual-parallax imagery using ultra-high resolution optical nanostructures (20 nanometres resolution) into all-PC hot-stampable inlays and which can be incorporated into both ID cards and passport datapages.
The new inlay boasts a long lifetime and full recyclability.
With the ability to use inductance of capacitance, our Smartrac sensor inlays effectively avoid read-range issues.
UNESCO has been providing technical support to Myanmar, working in close collaboration with the Ministry of Environmental Conservation and Forestry (MoECAF) Myanmar and UNDP with support from the government of Norway to designate Inlay lake region which covers a total area of 489,721 hectares.
The inlay has undergone stringent performance testing and application vetting at the University of Auburn (UoA).
Esthetics alternatives to the cast gold inlays and amalgam fillings include glass ionomer cements, hybrid ionomers, direct composites, composite inlays and ceramic inlays.
The inlay does not impair ophthalmic assessment of the eye after it has been fitted; corneal diagnostics, gonioscopy and anterior chamber angle imaging can all be achieved with the crystalline lens easily viewed through a dilated pupil, enabling assessment of lens opacities (see Figure 3).
US-German security, identification and RFID specialist Identive Group Inc (NASDAQ:INVE; ETR:INV) said Monday it has finalised the takeover of Singapore-based RFID inlays and inlay applications producer Smartag for an undisclosed sum.
The small footprint and ultra high performance of the Alien Squiggle inlay have made it a frequent flyer for numerous baggage tagging installations around the world.