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Zhu and Elbel's experiments [6] on vortex nozzle with initially subcooled R134a show that the strength of the nozzle inlet vortex can change the restrictiveness of the two-phase nozzle without the need of changing the nozzle geometry.
The primary purpose of an inlet (also referred to as an intake or diffuser) for any air-breathing propulsion system is to capture and compress air for processing by the remaining portions of the engine.
Oil and natural gas from Cook Inlet are the major sources of heat and electricity for Southcentral Alaskans.
Not that a pipeline can't be safely built in Cook Inlet.
The report on the turbine inlet cooling systems market primarily focuses on inlet fogging and wet compression technologies.
Further work for the design of the engine inlet and the optimization design of wing leading edge will be carried out based on this study.
When winter swells begin arriving, Palm Beach Inlet is the safest in the Southeast Florida region.
But shoals in the inlet proved too shallow and dynamic at low tides to accommodate the vehicle, so Traykovski had to improvise.
The scope of ASHRAE Research Project (RP) 1335, "Effects of Typical Inlet Conditions on Air Outlet Performance," was to test six commonly specified out let types first using ideal inlet conditions required by Standard 70-2006.
The Alaskan Department of Natural Resources (DNR), Division of Oil and Gas, has approved the Buccaneer Alaska Operations, LLC Unit Plan of Operation, Cook Inlet - Exploratory Drilling Program, which approval authorizes exploration activities in state waters in the Cook Inlet.
It is widely known that under typical field conditions, ceiling diffusers and other air outlets are typically installed with inlet conditions significantly different from those specified in AHRAE Standard 70-2006 (ASHRAE 2006), resulting in performance differences from manufacturer published performance data.