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It is a clear and deep green well, half a mile long and a mile and three quarters in circumference, and contains about sixty-one and a half acres; a perennial spring in the midst of pine and oak woods, without any visible inlet or outlet except by the clouds and evaporation.
This party made off immediately, and, after undergoing much suffering, finally arrived, in safety, at Ocracoke Inlet, on the third day after the wreck.
As Mrs Vincent Crummles recrossed back to the table, there bounded on to the stage from some mysterious inlet, a little girl in a dirty white frock with tucks up to the knees, short trousers, sandaled shoes, white spencer, pink gauze bonnet, green veil and curl papers; who turned a pirouette, cut twice in the air, turned another pirouette, then, looking off at the opposite wing, shrieked, bounded forward to within six inches of the footlights, and fell into a beautiful attitude of terror, as a shabby gentleman in an old pair of buff slippers came in at one powerful slide, and chattering his teeth, fiercely brandished a walking-stick.
Key statement: A method for producing a thermoplastic elastomer composition comprising using a twin screw kneader to melt-knead a thermoplastic resin and an elastomer; the twin screw kneader having at least two raw material inlets including a first raw material inlet and a second raw material inlet provided at a position separated by 15D to 38D on a downstream side from the first raw material inlet, where D is a cylinder inside diameter of the twin screw kneader; the elastomer being fed in a divided manner from the first and second raw material inlets; a proportion of the elastomer fed from the second raw material inlet being from 10 to 60 vol.
The ratio of mass flow rates through the two inlets can be adjusted by a valve installed at the motive flow tangential inlet, thereby changing the vortex strength.
Some of the major issues that has to be considered while designing inlets are as follows:
5 LF of 18" CMP at the driveway entrance; 3)Remove and Replace 240 LF of existing 18" CMP culverts at six crossover locations with 24" CMP culverts and install one Type D inlet, 2 Type C inlets and 100 LF of 18" CMP; 4) Remove and replace 50 LF of 18" CMP, install manhole and ditch excavation along a 200 LF section.
Washington, Dec 18 ( ANI ): After three years of innovative study, researchers have presented a body-wing-blending configuration with double flanking air inlets layout to aim at design requirements of high lift-to-drag ratio as well as high volumetric efficiency of next generation hypersonic airplanes.
The power cord families have a patented locking system that needs no change of existing IEC inlets or IEC inlet filters and locks without additional fixture in every standardized EEC inlet.
As they pass through the inlets and cuts, schools of tarpon in sizes from 20 pounds to 200 pounds start feeding on those shrimp.
Traykovski was among researchers from several institutions who have converged on New River Inlet in a five-year project funded by the Office of Naval Research to study the complex dynamics that move water and sand in inlets and river mouths.
A fourth plenum design parameter was the ratio of flow from the top to the flow from two inlets on the sides of the plenum.