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INLEX serves as a forum of expertise to explore and advise on issues related to nuclear liability.
The INLEX group was tasked with recommending actions to achieve the goals articulated in the IAEA Action Plan applicable to nuclear liability regimes.
262) Instead of exploring ways to progress the international liability regime, consensus for which was blocked by some nuclear States, the IAEA established INLEX to prepare an explanatory text to develop a common understanding of the legal issues and thereby promote adherence to the liability instruments.
The Via system will replace the district's existing Sirsi Inlex system.
Prior to the merger, both companies had developed and marketed multiple legacy systems, such as Dynix Classic by Dynix and DRA Classic, MultiLIS, and INLEX by Sirsi, in addition to their flagship systems--Unicorn (Sirsi) and Horizon (Dynix).
Those libraries that run DRA Classic, multiLIS, or INLEX will have the option to purchase Unicom under terms similar to those they would have received for Taos.
In January 1993, it obtained the Australian Starlight Management System (SMS), and in October 1993, it acquired the INLEX/3000 system from the now-defunct INLEX Corp.
In 1993, EOS purchased a competing library automation product called The Assistant from INLEX and acquired The Information Navigator/TINLIB through its merger with IME in 1995.
Data Research Associates has purchased product rights to two other library automation software products: INLEX and MultiLIS.
This company now controls both the INLEX and MultiLIS systems in addition to its original product line.
Although it purchased The Assistant from INLEX last year, Data Trek continues not to market it.