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We think these findings strongly encourage the view that the human brain's organization innately anticipates the different types of computations that must be carried out for different types of objects," says Mahon.
My working theory is that humans are innately endowed with a mental mechanism devoted to quantifying discrete entities, and this mechanism is already operating unconsciously in infants," asserts psychologist Karen Wynn of the University of Arizona in Tucson.
Organizations like PHCS find success with QDX CustomerFocus because it is a healthcare relationship management application, not just a customer relationship management application, which innately understands the complex relationship dynamics and operational challenges that exist in a health plans' highly changing environment.
Innately elegant, they skate with great naturalness, eschewing the overly dramatic approach that had veered towards the ludicrous in the early 1990s.
It is an all-encompassing characterization of a person who gets to learn the hard way that assimilation is tough when kids are so innately cruel.
Norris says he hopes to patent a chemical assay that will allow growers to distinguish innately vulnerable seedlings from stress-tolerant plants within two weeks.
Due to its innately greater speed, the DS89C420 provides a stretch cycle feature and page or non-page memory interface modes to enable communication with slower external memory and peripherals.
15), Ringer has also been evolving as a dancer whose performances are always innately expressive as well.
Just as previous research indicates that infants are born with the ability to perceive speech sounds from any language in the world, new data suggest that 6-month-olds innately perceive the structure of musical scales from a variety of cultures, report psychologist Micahel P.
Demand for computer security is increasing rapidly and biometrics -- based on a unique human feature like a fingerprint -- is innately more secure than other approaches.
As artistic director, I look for a dancer who moves naturally, innately, without artifice; one who is schooled, but not in a specific methodology.
Solid Edge reflects how product designers and mechanical engineers innately approach the design process.