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Despite the lack of consensus on the innateness of LA, it is also a fact that researchers agree that language learners can foster a capability for autonomy in them (Benson, 2001; Candy, 1991; Nunan, 1996).
The final step would have to argue from such scientific failure to the conclusion that the folk concept of innateness should be abandoned.
To be clear, the issue here is not innateness per se, but innate concepts.
Respectable mathematicians never use intuition or innateness to assert that mathematical concepts are false beliefs!
No one can deny them due to their innateness and being confirmed through intuition.
It must be said that this position is strongly based on phenomenological inquiry because, as Medina puts it, 'It is certainly true that for many lesbians and gay men, the significance they attach to what they feel to be the innateness of their sexuality contributes to an enhanced sense of self.
Yet it's silly--and often just agenda-greasing spin--to confuse intractability with innateness. We all know that influences and events during formative years can have far-reaching consequences and can almost imprint behavior (that is why they're called formative years); raise a boy in an abusive and criminal ghetto home, for instance, and he may exhibit change-resistant negative behavior patterns the rest of his days.
According to Smith,5 Chomsky has provided the best evidence in existence for innateness of some aspects of our knowledge of language and hence for Cartesian rationalism.
"There was extensive critique of 'nativism' and its 'innateness hypothesis', but no defense of it, because there is no such general hypothesis, beyond the truism that the human language faculty has a genetic component" (12) (Chomsky, 2007, p.
This conceptualization contrasts Schommer's (1990) earlier portrayal of the construct, which included dimensions regarding the speed of learning and innateness of learning ability.