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Some people reverse the emphasis, putting all their emphasis on the inner being of a person and not on outer action.
Finally, and at the top of Bickford's list of trends and issues, is the idea of organizational persona, which has been described as an organization's soul, or inner being.
People have been controlled by their external appearance more than their inner beings. Many men and women have suffered from bad body imaging leading to eating disorders and self-esteem issues.
Aurora Coronel, a retiree from the Philippine foreign service and a member of the Winner Foundation, a foundation dedicated to saving and planting trees, with whom Syl is also affiliated, shared this: 'I was happy to be there to celebrate Syl's 80th, but also to experience the pure and guileless inner beings of those special children and adults as well as the selflessness, patience and generosity of all those trained to live with them.'
This highly readable volume explores both the sick and the healthy dynamics that can develop in human beings between the two central forces in our inner beings, namely spirituality and sexuality.
"Looking at all the different ways we comport ourselves for the camera, and the way photographers pose us, and how others perceive us, gives us insight into their inner beings," says Jones, associate curator of photography and exhibitions at The Ringling.
They're doing European plays about European ideas--roles where they can't bring the full energy of their inner beings and intellectual outlooks on the characters.
The only time I've seen these kind of places was on Eurotrash, where people named Sven and Gunter simulate tantric sex while some brash American woman tells them to communicate with their inner beings.
While you go about your work others like myself listen to the burning song of the sun and feel the cold eye of the moon upon our inner beings. It's a fearful world we live in, creatures of both earth and sky forced to cope with these mysterious forces.
Before feminism and women finding their true inner beings through the self-help boom, much of social life was about what not to say, rather than emotionally hanging it all out.
But those they adopted into their tribes, even for relatively short periods, found themselves forever changed, becoming Indian in ways permanently embedded in their inner beings.
Yovel notes that these Marranos shared the common exile and alienation of the Jewish people, but furthermore, they were also alienated from themselves in their inner beings: "They were exiles within an exile-exiled, as Jews, among the nations, and exiled also from the Jews themselves." (16) This hybrid phenomenon of Marrano Judaizers is contrasted with the sometimes fervent Christian zeal among the conversos, who embraced their new faith passionately but were unable to completely expunge all of the weight of their old one.