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Aurora Coronel, a retiree from the Philippine foreign service and a member of the Winner Foundation, a foundation dedicated to saving and planting trees, with whom Syl is also affiliated, shared this: 'I was happy to be there to celebrate Syl's 80th, but also to experience the pure and guileless inner beings of those special children and adults as well as the selflessness, patience and generosity of all those trained to live with them.
Looking at all the different ways we comport ourselves for the camera, and the way photographers pose us, and how others perceive us, gives us insight into their inner beings," says Jones, associate curator of photography and exhibitions at The Ringling.
They're doing European plays about European ideas--roles where they can't bring the full energy of their inner beings and intellectual outlooks on the characters.
The only time I've seen these kind of places was on Eurotrash, where people named Sven and Gunter simulate tantric sex while some brash American woman tells them to communicate with their inner beings.
Before feminism and women finding their true inner beings through the self-help boom, much of social life was about what not to say, rather than emotionally hanging it all out.
But those they adopted into their tribes, even for relatively short periods, found themselves forever changed, becoming Indian in ways permanently embedded in their inner beings.
Here is the proof of punk's pudding - an overlong, indulgent display of empty macho careering made all the more ridiculous by the inclusion of some unintentionally hilarious 'fantasy sequences' in which each band member and girthsome manager Peter Grant show their inner beings, proving them to be the last sort of person you'd want to find on Celebrity Big Brother.
I predict that we will be noticeably more concerned with the subjective half of life--the development of our inner beings, not just our bodies and economic comfort--within a mere 20 years.