inner drive

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Studying abroad gives you the opportunity to show future and current employers that you have an open mind, are resourceful, and have the inner drive needed to adapt to a different environment.
Like many speakers, Mr Tibone had no qualms with the leadership of President Masisi, whom he said had in unlimited measure, the inner drive to transform Botswana to greater levels of prosperity.
Sponsor's endorsement: "At first, Tony appears to be quiet and reserved, but this hides his inner drive and tenacity when faced with a challenge.
That's not to discount immense natural talent, however, or the passion and inner drive to excel in the creative realm.
ACADEMY player of the season Lewis Richards has been praised as the 'epitome' of the club's inner drive to improve.
"He has inner drive, never been an outstanding talent and he's not an extrovert, but you wouldn't mess with him.
I also had an inner drive to always put in my best and keep pushing believing that I was meant for the top.
This inherent motivation or inner drive is derived from students' love for learning (Middleton, 1993), which is an attribute or quality that comes from within a student and is not driven by external factors.
"He has an inner drive and strength and has developed into a fine specimen of a player.
"One thing that really stands out is that inner drive and determination."
"Whenever you play in close games like this, you desperately want to be on the right side of it for so many reasons - but one thing that really stands out for me is that inner drive and determination from this group of players."