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Thus James says: "Everyone knows the difference between imagining a thing and believing in its existence, between supposing a proposition and acquiescing in its truth...IN ITS INNER NATURE, BELIEF, OR THE SENSE OF REALITY, IS A SORT OF FEELING MORE ALLIED TO THE EMOTIONS THAN.
It should be remembered also that Shakspere's personal interest is in the struggle in Hamlet's inner nature.
In order to understand this we must make a distinction between experience as a natural fact, significance of the normally observable behaviour of Reality, and experience as significant of the inner nature of reality.'
* Weleda is embarking on its first beauty and lifestyle campaign in North America--Live Your Inner Nature. The 360[degrees] campaign is designed to bring people back to nature--encouraging the idea that the"essence of nature helps balance all of us in harmony...mind, body and soul," according to the venerable naturals brand.
Paul could shout out:"We do not lose heart.Though our outer nature is wasting away our inner nature is being renewed every day.
The author, Cohen tells us, had a "remarkable knowledge of the child's inner nature." In addition, he elaborates, "He took the child seriously, and he fed the child's mind and imagination with highly inventive words and images, not just saccharine rhymes and limp, outworn narratives."
"Yoga and meditation are all about breathing, relaxing, and reconnecting with your inner nature. What better setting for this practice than a tropical rainforest," he said.
45) In other words, cultivating our inner nature and healing ourselves of our alienated consciousness is essential if we are to promote a caring and compassionate respect and love of nature in, first, ourselves and, second, in our students.
When he came upon a likely candidate, a contented and creative cobbler, he questioned him, and then withdrew, deciding to set a series of secret tests for the cobbler to see what they would reveal about his inner nature and ability to problem solve.
As Lay explains it himself he has "spliced into the facts of his life, during his formative years and his later maritime career, an interpretation of Cook's principles, motives and deeds in the hope that these may provide insights into the inner nature of this remarkable man".
If such a wish were not to have an objective existence it would never have been imprinted upon human's inner nature, in the same way that if there were no food there would have been no meaning for hunger (since hunger is understood when one compares a person who has eaten food and a person who has not), and if there were no water there would have been no thirst and if there were no reproduction there would have been no sexual attraction between the sexes.
Additionally, the industry will have a chance to project their very good inner nature on to solving societal problems and provide an opportunity to not only overcome the great many problems plaguing our nation but also to move it forward towards success.

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