inner part

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At length, the pile yielded a little, a corner of a blanket fell, and a faint ray of light gleamed into the inner part of the cave.
Presently the sun set and it became dark, whereon the pair retired into the inner part of the cave and went to bed.
She was at her loom in an inner part of the house, weaving a double purple web, and embroidering it with many flowers.
After a glance at Geoffrey, the surgeon suddenly checked himself on the point of advancing to the inner part of the room, and remained standing at the window.
The Count had taken the lamp from the inner part of the room to see his friend clearly by the light of it.
Before the rest he set flesh and inner parts thick with fat upon the hide, covering them with an ox paunch; but for Zeus he put the white bones dressed up with cunning art and covered with shining fat.
The experts were of the view that pressure on the inner part of the eyes is an indication of this disease.
Contract awarded for Restoration of the inner part of the mountain
Cut or break off the tough outer leaves, starting at the base, until you are left with the pale inner part.
In the footage, even the inner part of the city that remained the main battle area, the destruction was barely visible from air.
His attacker "grabbed the inner part of my nose with the pliers with two hands.
To replicate the luxurious look and feel of glass containers, GCS uses bi-injection and cube technology to manufacture a double-walled jar composed of two layers; the inner part is opaque, the outer is translucent.