inner reality

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of realism to convey a different idea of inner reality through refracted narratives and set design, as is evident in Umrao.
Adler taught Brando how to emphasize authenticity in acting by showcasing deep emotional experiences and confirming the inner reality of oneself.
Bathroom, kitchen, mother's bedroom, father's study: each room is a complete world, a place defined by the external realities of the Soviet Union and an inner reality that only the protagonist can see.
Speaking about these workshops Devi said "our personal, creative and mystical retreats are something new and unique; designed to serve individuals to have a deeper connection with their inner reality, experience self-worth, confidence, freedom and peace.
We force him to construct a false world of words and defense mechanisms that have nothing to do with his inner reality. We separate him from who he is.
Gabriel Marcel writing more than 50 years ago: "In our contemporary world it may be said that the more a man becomes dependent on the gadgets whose smooth functioning assures him a tolerable life at the material level, the more estranged he becomes from an awareness of his inner reality."
Here in the Penetrations, Sadra writes, "The reality of wujud is the most manifest of all things through presence and unveiling, and its quiddity is the most hidden among things conceptually and in its inner reality." The task of all eight of the Penetrations is to reveal what is hidden about the conception and reality of wujud in God as the Necessary Being and in creatures.
Peace Revolution's motto, the PIPO concept (, stands for one simple truth: our outside environment is a reflection of our inner reality. The self-development process Peace Revolution proposes intends to help us gain more clarity over our thoughts so as to take more efficient decisions, become more creative and find innovative solutions and nurture a harmonious and balanced behaviour.
At the same time, she was adept at depicting her subjects for their inner reality. The portrait of The Bride, 1940 (above) who is dressed in an orange garment is a perfect testament to the artist's sensitivity.
"That was my inner reality. I was experiencing it on the outside, simultaneously with my spaciousness within.
However, this "object-based journal" chronicles less the physical appearance of the world the artist encounters than those very cognitive processes by which he apprehends it, thereby depicting that intangible threshold between outer and inner reality in which consciousness resides.
Characters evince the alienation and neuroticism deriving from lack of contact with the authentic, inner reality. Sarraute's characters are garrulous creatures who strive for contact with others in conversation.