inner reality

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Reality here is not just the frayed inner reality of characters in trouble; there are national troubles afoot as well, and the characters are never separate from them.
When he has it inside him, and he trusts his director, we can get what we're really after: a look at the inner reality of life.
Stuard, who discusses this interesting myth of the Illyrican idyll in her final chapter, examines in the remainder of the book the marital and testamentary strategies employed by noble and citizen families which she argues contributed not merely to an outward impression, but to an inner reality of exceptional stability.
Moreover, all three authors attempt to express inner reality by describing outer reality and frequently thematize the human dilemma of trying to say the unsayable.
They are like mindscapes, capturing a subjective inner reality utilising photography as a medium", she elucidates.
Augustine's debts and innovations would have been better illumined with a fuller discussion of Plotinus in each book (as there is in Invention), instead of relegating him mostly to footnotes, since Plotinus also describes intellectual vision as grace, conversion as seeing God, choice as being below true freedom, philosophical teaching as pointing to an intelligible experience, and words as the sensible expression of an unchanging inner reality.
CONCEPT VIDEOS: Today's teens are forgoing the traditional video montage and channeling their inner reality star by creating concept videos.
Impose her inner reality on the world, instead of coping with larger realities the world threw back at her.
Thus, her inner reality does not change significantly.
The work of the Magic Realists consists of psychologically charged editations on an inner reality, and as such is related not only to Surrealism and Abstract Expressionism but also to developments in a number of artistic disciplines: to the erotic photography of Cadmus's friend George Platt Lynes; to innovations in dance, both modern and classical, being championed by Cadmus's brother-in-law Lincoln Kirstein; to experimental film, including works by Maya Deren and Kenneth Anger; and to literary explorations of an "out" gay consciousness, including the writings of Cadmus's friend and admirer E.
This quest for God, core to religious life, makes religious life "in its inner reality monastic.
The stranger is always implicitly us: a projection of how alien we feel to ourselves - our sense of dissociation exacerbated by the discrepancy between our external appearance and our inner reality, the former never adequately conveying the latter, despite all our efforts.