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Sponsored by the Van Nuys Airport Optimist Club, the event was held in Necktie Cove, a secluded area at the lake's north end that provided a private playground where the boats took turns whipping the youths - some blind, others partially sighted - across the water on inner tubes with hand grips and, for the truly daring, water skis.
Further, DENSO's double-pipe internal heat exchanger can easily be manufactured by inserting the inner tube into the outer tube and by fixing the tubes at both ends.
Remedy: Consumers should immediately stop using the inner tube and return it to any Build-A-Bear Workshop store to receive a $5 store coupon.
American Record Holder Neil Walker on Hand at Charlotte's Mecklenburg Aquatic Center as Locals Compete in Inner Tubes for a Trip to See the US Swim Team In
Our aim is to make bike inner tubes a proven reusable resource for playgrounds, manufacturing, and other applications.
In Air Jordan (consisting of an inner tube encrusted with burned bottle caps), the bent caps take on the vulval appearance of cowrie shells and contrast with the minuscule valve tied to the tube like an umbilical cord.
I was at the pool with my friends, and I squeezed into a baby inner tube.
the constriction of the inner tube between two walls distorted its circularity, constructing a shape--or rather a shadow, given the opacity of the material--reminiscent of the female genitalia.
Wands with outer telescoping tubes over an inner tube don't work well: They're hard to push into long pellets and the pellets tend to block air flow.
Abstract: A vehicle brake hose has inner tube rubber layer (1), first and second braided fiber reinforcing layers (2), (3) that are provided outside the inner tube rubber layer (1), and an outer tube rubber layer (5) that is provided outside the second braided fiber reinforcing layer (3).
Also Monday, a 43-year-old Pacoima man who was riding in an inner tube being pulled by a motorboat in Pyramid Lake died when he struck a boat at about 12:30 p.
The E[pounds sterling]bertub is a creative and exciting revamp of the classic black inner tube - with all of the benefits and none of the drawbacks.