inner voice

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"To go, or not to go!" he said to himself; and an inner voice told him he must not go, that nothing could come of it but falsity; that to amend, to set right their relations was impossible, because it was impossible to make her attractive again and able to inspire love, or to make him an old man, not susceptible to love.
"This happiness is not for you," some inner voice whispered to him.
I peeped in; and the holy inner voice that never deceives, whispered to me, "You have met her, Drusilla, everywhere else; meet her at the bath, and the work is done." I observed a dressing-gown thrown across a chair.
Now, as her heart hardened against him, an inner voice whispered that everyone had a right to a father as well as a mother, and Martin might be greatly softened by daily contact with a little son or daughter.
Haldin, already at the door, tall and straight as an arrow, with his pale face and a hand raised attentively, might have posed for the statue of a daring youth listening to an inner voice. Razumov mechanically glanced down at his watch.
TUNE IN TO YOUR INNER VOICE WHEN IT COMES TO ADVICE ON BEING A MUM Q i've just had my first baby and i'm confused by the often contradictory advice i hear about looking after her.
"This is your right inner voice that wants THE BEST for you and your family and this is the voice that will get you clean.
Alpesh said that he cast his vote (in the RS polls) for the "honest national leadership" and as per his inner voice.
Although I had some rudimentary sense of fairness, I certainly did not have much of a conscience (or sense of proportion) at the age of three, but as Antara's article shows, there is strong reason to believe that we do develop an inner voice that tells us what is right and what is wrong and, though we might not always listen to it, it is always there.
In this part two of our Orlando, Florida interview with Tom Hanks, whose beloved Woody ragdoll character in the 'Toy Story' animated film series is like him-a loyal friend, a man of integrity-talks about listening to his inner voice, trying to be 'better in every way' for humankind, telling the truth, living an 'authentic life,' avoiding 'major a**holes,' and his joy in playing the cowboy sheriff (he's even more lovable in 'Toy Story 4').
"The Little Prince is the pilot's inner voice, the vivid child imagination that each adult has," says Ochoa.
The negative inner voice can be thought of as the voice in the back of our minds that feeds off our insecurities and anxieties.