inner voice

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he said to himself; and an inner voice told him he must not go, that nothing could come of it but falsity; that to amend, to set right their relations was impossible, because it was impossible to make her attractive again and able to inspire love, or to make him an old man, not susceptible to love.
This happiness is not for you," some inner voice whispered to him.
I peeped in; and the holy inner voice that never deceives, whispered to me, "You have met her, Drusilla, everywhere else; meet her at the bath, and the work is done.
Now, as her heart hardened against him, an inner voice whispered that everyone had a right to a father as well as a mother, and Martin might be greatly softened by daily contact with a little son or daughter.
Haldin, already at the door, tall and straight as an arrow, with his pale face and a hand raised attentively, might have posed for the statue of a daring youth listening to an inner voice.
Through yoga, Sahar has found the inner voice of validation, permission, acceptance, and love.
For example, the first poem, that is, 'Inner Voice' itself differentiates between the true inner voice and the mind.
By listening to his inner voice and calling on his own reserves of courage and smarts, Justin has the chance to save Poofy and ensure the safety of his parents back on Earth.
RIGHT NOW, you are probably getting an earful from your inner voice.
He describes human cognition as comprised of "executive functions": working memory, a social intelligence with quasi "mind-reading" ability, symbolic thought and language, an inner voice that interprets conscious experiences by making causal inferences, and mental time-travel into the past and future.
So you were not for turning Thank god for your arrogance The democracy you ignored While performing as a dictator listening only to your inner voice with spurious words of empathy loading your personal speeches which hastened your downfall for we in the United Kingdom can remove strutting demigods politicians obsessed with power whose megalomania takes over and self destructs the perpetrator who thinks they will always win and become immortal in history Hitler did so why not you