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2 John McAllister (James Fuentes, New York) McAllister's paintings are Debussyish Matisseries, particularly Innerly Innerness, 2010, with its "red studio" floating atop sweetly dissonant fields of pink, orange, and purple stripes.
His chapter is of special interest for Latin-Americans because, coincidently with anthropological developments of the monist, natural-scientific tradition named Argentine-German Neurobiological School, it centers its view of what constitutes people on the unexchangeability of the relationship between a determined, changeable natural process, called body, and a certain existentiality (also called psyche) which already differs, from any other psyche, even before starting to innerly differentiate itself into experiences, or mental contents.
Adolescents' interpretations of these views can lead to a struggle between an "authoritative discourse and an innerly persuasive discourse that ultimately leads to the birth of an ideological consciousness" (Gergen, Lightfoot, & Sydow, 2004, p.