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Nonusers had significantly higher Innerness scores than frequent users, but not occasional or daily users.
The SAS is a 28-item self-assessment scale, developed by Howden (1992), that measures four components or elements of spirituality: purpose and meaning in life, innerness and inner resources, unifying interconnectedness, and transcendence.
As Georges Bataille says, "We fail to realize [that] eroticism is one aspect of humankind's [psychic] life because man is everlastingly in search of an object outside himself but this object answers the innerness of the desire" (29).
We teach from our innerness, and we testify (Patterson, 1991).
But perhaps the basic point here is that the transposition of bad moral conduct into the language of social acceptability and social capital removes it entirely from the innerness of the moral life.
Often my innerness is only a fog somewhere behind my forehead, and then only if I tug it forward into focus.
It encapsulates in a single image the themes that define Expressionism and its wayward descendent Surrealism: an obsessive, anxious sexuality; a yearning to express an innerness repressed by traditional formulas of art (and life) in tandem with a persistent skepticism that such innerness even exists, or could ever be expressed; and a depressive insistence that experience tends inexorably toward disintegration.
Instead, translated yet again into ressentiment, they are rerouted both out, against the master, in gestures of meek but biting vengeance, and in, against the slave himself, in a new form of suffering, under the whip of his own morality, the new innerness of a guilty conscience.