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Both the mirroring and reflexive functions of consciousness share in the "drama of human innerness, the drama of good and evil enacted in the inner stage of the human person" through his actions (AP 49).
Inattention to the meaning of the term conservatism results in a loose and relativistic perception of its innerness, the fons et origo of certitudes, assents, values.
The wish of European intellectuals to free themselves from the old weight of history, subjectivity, and unbearable meaning has its tradition of projections toward the East, Roland Barthes's fictitious "Japan," an empire of signs devoid of Western innerness, being only one prominent instance.
Citing Foucault, he tells us that "the practice of confession creates the metaphors of innerness that it claims to explore: without the requirement of confession--one may overstate the issue --there might be nothing inward to examine.