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Kida and Tani (38), in a cadaveric case report showed the DSN sending a branch to innervate the SPS muscle.
According to a previous estimation that about 150 myelinated afferents in a deep vibrissal nerve should innervate individual FSCs, (2) more than 30% of them should terminate as club-like endings, that innervate only the ringwulst.
Cranial nerve III (CN III) innervates the superior, inferior, medial recti and the inferior oblique muscles.
The first step in repeating this design and optimization procedure for the sciatic nerve is the specification of the fascicular structure of the branches that innervate ankle musculature.
Two neurons of the buccal ganglia, which innervate radular tensor muscle groups (Kater, 1974; Zoran et al, 1989), were primarily used for these studies: buccal neurons B19 and B110.
As described earlier in the stretch reflex, these sensory neurons synapse on and activate alpha motor neurons that innervate skeletal muscle.
The recurrent laryngeal nerve innervates all of the intrinsic muscles of the larynx, except for the cricothyroid.
Anatomical and physiological mapping studies in primates suggest that neurons of the anteromedian nucleus are principally concerned with accommodation via connections with autonomic neurons of the ciliary ganglion whose post-ganglionic axons innervate the ciliary muscle, whereas the Edinger Westphal nuclei supply other ciliary ganglion cells mediating pupillary constriction.
Renal sympathetic nerves innervate the tubules, the vessels, and the juxtaglomerular granular cells of the kidney (1).
The motoneurons that innervate the Pc muscle are sensitive to the fluctuation of systemic hormones.
The somatic efferent pathways leave the central nervous system via spinal nerves and innervate various skeletal muscles.