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In such a serious compression: EMG indicates denervation potentials in the muscles innervated by the median nerve.
72) Progression of the patient's underlying osteoarthritis to other parts of the joints not innervated by the femoral or obturator components (73) is another possibly complicating factor for this case.
These studies have shown that different portions can be innervated by different nerves as well as by a common nerve branch, supporting the common drive and independent control of the rectus abdominis portions.
First, the bulk of the muscle is made of extrafusal fibers (synonymous with skeletal muscle fiber), which are innervated by alpha motor neurons; when extrafusal fibers contract, the muscle shortens.
Lohmeier and co-workers observed no significant differences in sodium excretions between innervated and chronically denervated kidneys in response to infusions of NE at physiologically appropriate levels (10).
Two-page spreads on outcomes contain information on key innervated muscles, available muscle actions, and functional medical, daily living, mobility, and vocation outcomes, as well as prognosis.
But when a nerve cell dies, the corresponding muscle fiber that it innervated becomes weak or paralyzed.
The innervated tissues also heal as quickly as corneas do, she notes.
Schwannomas occur in areas innervated by peripheral nerves because they arise from the Schwann cell of the nerve sheath.
5) The affected site, predominantly the nasal ala, is innervated by the first and second divisions of the trigeminal nerve, (2,5,6,12-14) most often where sensory innervation overlaps between the two divisions.
Rabies virus, especially in the late stages of disease, disseminates from the brain to other innervated sites within the host (11).