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Alertness and emotion--psycho-sensory influences act on the hypothalamus (part of the sympathetic innervation of the dilator pupillae) via the limbic system.
Sensory innervation of the thoracolumbar fascia in rats and humans.
Some guiding principles can be applied to regional innervation of the hip joint, but significant variation has been described.
Clearer pictures, more pictures, more realistic pictures…structures broken up in ways that make sense and shown from every angle…includes clinical correlations and summary charts of innervations and actions.
Furthermore, evidence suggests that cocaine also increases sympathetic activity and innervation (Jacobsen et al.
Occasionally, patients report having pain in regions outside the areas of innervation for the pudendal nerve, such as the lower back or posterior thigh.
Given the significance of NANC innervation in various parts of the gastrointestinal tract, schisandrin is also speculated to be potentially useful in regulating esophageal motility (Konturek et a1.
The rationale is that in a low-intensity task that relies disproportionately on different parts of the muscle to perform, the subject will require more motor units situated only in this portion while needing fewer motor units that share innervation with other portions.
Electrode placement over the innervation zone affects the low-, not the high-frequency portion of the EMG frequency spectrum.
Overall, the specific changes noted suggest that chronic opioid use impairs esophageal inhibitory innervation, according to Dr.
These results suggested that an intact renal innervation is a prerequisite for typical action of Ang II on salt and water excretion.
2) Relative paucity of sympathetic innervation of the vertebrobasilar circulation when compared with the internal carotid territories has been suggested as an explanation for the distribution frequently observed.