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In the previous animal studies, after the cholinergic innervation of BPH in rats was cut through microsurgery [sup][3] or blocked by long-term drug administration,[sup][4] the prostatic gland progressively shrank in volume over time.
However, this is not reliable due to the variable innervation of this muscle.
It provides motor innervation to the flexor carpi ulnaris and the medial half of the flexor digitorum profundus.
These results provide support for a role of the host serotonin innervation in the modulation of GID but also suggest that DA release from serotonin terminals may become detrimental only when DA release from grafted DA neurons is dysregulated.
Our results suggest strongly that the ringwulst has some very specific mechanisms involving a more dense innervation than other regions of the FSC.
Innervation of pathologies in the lumbar vertebral end plate and intervertebral disc.
A clinical-experimental investigation in normal and anomalous innervation.
The information of innervation pattern of median nerve to pronator teres is of substantial importance in understanding the different presentation of pronator teres syndrome, in investigating the lesions of median nerve, to plan suitable treatment and to prevent iatrogenic injuries during surgical repairs.
Frequency, anatomical properties and innervation of axillary arch and its relation to brachial plexus in human foetuses.
The sympathetic innervation of the pupil consists of three neurons (see Figure 3, page 55).
Lumbar sciatic pain presents itself clinically as low back pain radiating to the lateral part of the leg, following the path of the sciatic sensory innervations.