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Absent guilt; acting in Good Faith with no knowledge of defects, objections, or inculpative circumstances.

A person accused of and prosecuted for the commission of a crime is presumed innocent until proved guilty Beyond a Reasonable Doubt.

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adj. without guilt (not guilty). Usually the plea which an accused criminal defendant gives to the court at the time of his/her first appearance (or after a continued appearance). Such pleas often disturb the public in cases in which guilt seems obvious from the start. However, everyone is entitled to a fair trial, and the innocent plea gives defense lawyers an opportunity to investigate, find extenuating circumstances, develop reasons punishment should be lenient, bargain with the District Attorney, and let the memories of witnesses fade. (See: plea, plea bargain, arraignment)

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In her 2006 annual report, Nina Olson, the National Taxpayer Advocate, included innocent spouse cases as among the most litigated; see National Taxpayer Advocate's 2006 Annual Report to Congress, at,,id=165806,00.html.
Since any attack would involve killing innocent conscripted soldiers as well as innocent civilians, however, there were good reasons to wait to see whether options other than intervening militarily would become available.
In a recent opinion upholding a death statute in Kansas, even Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia acknowledges that a minute risk of executing an innocent person does exist.
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In 1999 Gwendolyn filed form 8857 requesting relief under the innocent spouse provisions for the remaining tax due.
I WOULD like to challenge three of the letter writers in Monday's Racing Post over their claims that British law operates on an 'innocent until proven guilty' principle.
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