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Alex Ferguson "It was an innocuous challenge but when you saw the Rangers player waving, you knew it was a bad one.
It was noticeable that Innocuous needed plenty of driving to get into top gear at Ffos Las (touched a high of 8.
Seemingly innocuous items can be turnedinto lethal weapons
Besides the necessity for such acquisitions, the construction of the subway line promises to be as innocuous as possible considering its scale and difficulty of execution.
More recently, tests have shown that something as presumably innocuous as candies--specifically certain ones made in Mexico--may also be a source of toxic lead.
It sounds innocuous enough, but it is the culmination of eight months of maneuvering in which both Dentsu and Hakuhodo DY Partners hoped to entice Asatsu into their camps.
Moreover, they will recognize that the most radical political motifs are often disguised in the cloak of the seemingly innocuous, that subversion can best be transmitted through a series of grins and nudges, not a barrage of howls and fists.
Twenty years ago, scientists (including me) thought trans was innocuous.
The only negative comment I can make is the annoying use of quotes from the National Anthem for chapter headings and the book's innocuous title, explained as coming from the A-6 Naval Air Training and Operating Procedures Standardization manual.
Nick Colombo, a college student and volunteer, says that Working Bikes Cooperative is a good introduction to the "subversive yet innocuous rebel subculture" of people who like bikes.
Pentagon officials formed showy "privacy advisory councils," testified before Congress extensively, changed the name of the program (to the more innocuous "Terrorism Information Awareness), and even fired Poindexter--but none of it ended the controversy.
Even with innocuous information going to marketers, thousands of users sending the information can slow connections.