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Unfortunately, the success of phishing scams is not because they promise wealth, vitality, or weight loss like spam does, but because they seem to be innocuous standard emails sent from actual businesses," said Tucker.
IN a fairly innocuous move, Los Angeles City Councilwoman Wendy Greuel last week proposed the idea of a ban on new two-story buildings in Valley Village.
Rats receiving repeated doses of the nasal spray over their lifetime remained significantly less susceptible to stroke than were rats getting sprays containing saline mist or an innocuous chicken protein.
Potential problems, identified through customized boundaries, are reported while innocuous personal activity goes unnoticed.
For example, in making the influenza vaccine, researchers mass-produce an innocuous version of the virus, complete with viral surface proteins.
Camera/Shy" permits the hiding and viewing of sensitive or incriminating information inside an innocuous looking picture file and allows even extremely novice hackers to send either obscene or dangerous data without detection by existing security solutions.
What so many people don't understand, they may think it's relatively innocuous conduct, but it goes to the heart of the jury system,'' Deputy District Attorney Robert Foltz said.
of Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah, finds "interesting" about the study is that the interaction of ozone and a seemingly innocuous cleaner can generate enough particulates indoors to approach concentrations that have triggered adverse health effects.
It used to be the Santas and reindeer were considered innocuous, while creche scenes were taboo.
This approach must rely on whatever name has been given to an image file, and therefore often misses images with innocuous names, or over-filters images with ambiguous names.
But researchers always believed these fungi were innocuous to other soil organisms, he says.
The researchers discovered that there was a greater expression of genes characteristic of natural killer cells, and more of these cells, in the destructive insulitis lesions compared with innocuous lesions.