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Personal protective clothing must satisfy basic health and safety requirements in terms of design, innocuousness, comfort and efficiency.
Aquinas' argument for the innocuousness of (3) amounts to this: because creation is ex, nihilo, there is no prior matter for the created thing, and so the created thing has no passive potency prior to creation; in this one, precise sense it is therefore impossible prior to creation.
The inherent innocuousness of Gotscho' s work is underscored by the exhibition's rag-trade (agnes b.
Responding to NASA's press release stating the innocuousness of the fragmented comet 73P-SW3 with regards to the Earth, the French author of "The Science of the Extraterrestrials" indicates that numerous scientific data attest to a real danger as was laid out starting with his first article of early April, namely that a small-sized fragment, still unobservable and distant from the principal fragments, could hit the Atlantic Ocean, bringing about the awakening of the volcanoes of the mid-Atlantic ridge, with these being the origin of a possible tsunami with waves two hundred meters high.
democratic innocuousness and practical workability of the minority veto.
Furthermore, if O'Connor's first sentences are often arresting, it is not because they propel us straight off into violent action, but rather, paradoxically, because of their intriguing innocuousness.
21) In his autobiography, The Words, Sartre admits a moment of childhood existential revelation which reveals that the seeming innocuousness of Kierkegaard's comments in reality is not so: