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Considering the substantial discrepancies between the EU Member States, the question thus arises as to what extent requirements with respect to quality, innocuousness and in vitro efficacy of raw materials could be justified without any distinction criteria as to their composition and level of criticality.
However despite the undisputed benefits of HA, purity of the HA raw material and the innocuousness of the crosslinking technology must be assured by manufacturers in order to achieve a safe product.
pretiosum and also observed innocuousness when this parasitoid was exposed to eggs of alternative host A.
On the one hand Achilles' infiltration of the female-only rites is depicted--in part--as an erotic stratagem from New Comedy, with Achilles cast as potentially rampant male lurking undiscovered among vulnerable virginal females, his transvestism accentuating rather than compromising his masculine sexual power by lending it the illusion of innocuousness.
At a minimum, this fact gives reason to doubt the truth of courts' offhand assertions about the innocuousness of a practice and to instead dig deeper to consider the practice's sociohistorical context.
at worst), the film is 'harmless fun' or 'just entertaining' or 'only, after all, a film', it is precisely such a veneer of innocuousness that Slumdog's proponents summon to defend it from subsequent criticism.
This process -- which Abbas says can take several years -- applies to all publishers regardless of the innocuousness of the titles they plan to publish.
Moreover, MEPs intend to reinforce tests to evaluate the innocuousness of nanomaterials used in food.
falling as part of the operation of external trade regulation, this measure aiming at fighting against fraudulent practices relating to the illegal use of trade registers extracts "will allow importers to make personally sure of the compliance of imported goods with the ordered ones, and also of the innocuousness of imported goods conformity referring to regulatory and contractual specifications," the same source added.
terms of alleged necessity, seeming innocuousness, and unquestionable
An incompetent president of the Commission has had his term renewed for another five years as a reward for his innocuousness.