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The innominate artery and bilateral carotid arteries were intact.
Innominate artery compression of the trachea: Diagnosis and treatment by anterior suspension-a 25-year experience.
Definitive treatment options have traditionally been surgical, including ligation or reanastomosis of the innominate artery, both of which require a sternotomy.
The purpose of this study was to illustrate the presentation, diagnosis, and surgical management of a unique case involving a prosthetic innominate artery graft which eroded into the trachea.
The mass was dissected freely down to the innominate artery and into the posterior mediastinum where the medial attachments were divided.
In the ty pe with mirror branching, the first branch of the arch is the left innominate artery, which is followed by the right carotid and the right subclavian artery (Fig 2).
The right subclavian artery is a branch of the innominate artery.