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Father of modern military surgery, innovater, humanist.
The ministry of economy, construction and tourism mecklenburg-vorpommern requests applications for participation in the negotiated procedure for the award of service "establishment and management of a venture capital fund for the granting of shares to promote innovater of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, including the liberal professions in mecklenburg-vorpommern" .
O nivel de proteina da PRLBD diferiu entre as cultivares Markies e Atlantic sendo que as cultivares Asterix e Innovater nao diferiram das demais.
Glen Addison did not win the primary - but he was a Texas campaign ad innovater.
Visit the networking lunch and see innovaters battle it out during the Innovation Slam.
Their results indicated that firms classified as innovaters are more likely to establish relations with different partners in networks, and research and teaching institutions are a valuable source of information.