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A consolidated Alberta Innovates will do even more to support our world-class researchers, entrepreneurs and academic institutions as we work together to create jobs and diversify our economy.
Alberta Innovates is dedicated to catalyzing a strong innovation ecosystem that delivers 21st century solutions to Albertas most compelling opportunities and challenges.
Judy Fairburn, Chair, Alberta Innovates Board of Directors
"Industry-college collaborations are a win-win for everyone involved," said Stephen Gravel, Cambrian Innovates applied research developer.
Innovate also is a key player in helping to raise capital for these kinds of businesses, as well as to support and help existing industries to grow and capitalize on opportunities.
Founded in 1998, Innovate Mississippi has a staff of 14 who "do incredible things," as Sumesh said.
In addition to his work with Innovate Mississippi, he also teaches the Entrepreneurship and Economic Development course at the University of Southern Mississippi, and he believes that "our great universities are an important part of our future."
While the four Alberta Innovates corporations remain legal entities until Bill 11 is passed and in force, the Government of Alberta has appointed a new board of directors to serve for all four of the Alberta Innovates corporations.
The beginning chapters (Ch.1 to 4) discuss the central questions; why innovate? what to innovate?