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Funding university research makes good sense because it pushes forward the boundaries of knowledge while also helping train the next generation of engineers who will continue innovating and making America more competitive," added Scalise.
BAE SYSTEMS Communication, Navigation & Identification, headquartered in Wayne, New Jersey, employs more than 1,300 professionals, innovating technically superior solutions that transform the armed forces' communication, mobility, and mission effectiveness.
For more information about "Business Applications for P-to-P: Innovating at the Internet Periphery," visit http://www.
The innovating technique developed by Alcatel allows to minimize the effect of these interferences and to pack an unprecedented number of DWDM 40Gbit/s channels on a single fiber, thus reaching the world record capacity of 5.
Prasad has thirteen years experience in strategic business development and innovating new ways for technology to enhance business practices.
Cirrus Logic has a rich history of innovating video technologies for the graphics subsystem, and we are now leveraging these technologies to support a new wave of video applications and platforms," added Fontaine.
The many accomplishments that propelled the ASC to recognize Baan include: innovating the concept of software development with the "software factory" approach; pioneering the client/server approach to applications software using a UNIX approach from the outset; and leading the Baan Company to achieve the incredible market penetration it has in the past four years.

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