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The Acting Secretary-General of the National Innovators Support Fund said the honoring includes distribution of 100 sheep and provision of direct support to 112 innovators within framework of getting in touch with innovators.
While millions struggle daily to obtain quality care, innovators work tirelessly to create positive change.
The initiative by the Technology Development Committee (TDC), Innovator 2014, will also award a total of Dh60,000 to enable further development of two of the projects that are showcased.
Our innovators serve as a reminder that brainstorming new and creative ideas, and turning those ideas into unique products and services, provides the lifeblood for every business big or small.
Capital Innovators provides funding, resources, and a community of support to take startup ventures to the next stage.
The IP Solutions business of Thomson Reuters released the results of its 2008 Global Innovation Study today, analyzing the leading innovators by key region over the last year.
You see, the rest of the world--even the stalwarts of the Old Economy--soon figured out how to use the Internet too, and OEMs (like the Big Three automakers), airlines, musicians, record companies and everyone else soon followed the innovators into the online world.
These are the workers who get the job done day-In and day-out, but are not quick to embrace innovations like the innovators and early adopters.
The industrial innovators would have to create a niche for mechanized flax-spinning along side the traditional linen industry, sharing with it the flax supply and the labor supply.
The builders are pleased that innovators at the grass-roots level are being recognized.
Companies must think creatively to find, manage and nurture serial innovators, who are often "square pegs in round holes"