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innoxius, can be used as cultural practices to control pest thrips and increases the knowledge of thrips diversity in Brazil.
1) Neohydatothrips paraensis (+) Centrosema brasilianum (1) Frankliniella schultzei * (+) Ipomoea asarifolia (2) Dendrothripoides innoxius * (+), Scirtothrips sp.
3, 16 eo impensius precor ne meae prauitatis poenas innoxius luat; con postulare, Plin.
Allen, Murcielago cafe andino 1914 409 Eptesicus brasiliensis Murcielago parduzco (Desmarest, 1819) 410 Eptesicus chiriquinus Thomas, Murcielago marron chiriquino 1920 411 Eptesicus furinalis Murcielago pardo menor (d'Orbigny, 1847) 412 Eptesicus innoxius (Gervais, Murcielago cafe inofensivo 1841) 413 Histiotus montanus (Philippi Murcielago orejon andino y Landbeck, 1861) 414 Histiotus velatus (I.
Demonstrates Mobile TV from Environment Provided by Innoxius
a leading software provider for mobile broadcast TV and multimedia, today announced it is collaborating with Innoxius Technologies Pte.
We are very pleased to work with Innoxius to showcase Penthera's revenue-rich mobile broadcast solution set," said Sam Leinhardt, CEO of Penthera Technologies, Inc.
At the head-end, Innoxius Technologies, a mobile television equipments vendor, has integrated Penthera's Broadcast Services Platform, a DVB-IPDC-compliant control and services solution that enables unique services such as mediacasting, interactivity, targeted advertising, and usage tracking.
Innoxius Technologies, a Singaporean broadcast and telecom networks integrator with expertise in cellular and wireless technologies, announced its plans to deploy Mobile Digital TV (MDTV) networks and services in several countries in Southeast Asia, allowing transmission of TV contents to portable and hand-held devices such as mobile phones, portable media players, notebooks and portable navigation systems.
Innoxius presents its end-to-end MDTV solution at the 3GSM World Congress, taking place February 13-16 in Barcelona.
Mobile Digital TV is gaining accelerated recognition throughout Asia, and Innoxius is playing a major part in trials and service deployments in the region," said Edmund Yong, CTO of Innoxius Technologies.
The first MDTV network to be built and deployed by Innoxius is a DVB-H network in Indonesia.