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There's a leather bar (Schwarz bar), a bear bar (the Bulldog), several lesbian bars (the Marlborough, the Candy Bar), a bar attracting over-the-hill drag queens and rough trade (Harlequin), multiple bath-houses, and innumerable cafes.
While insurance executives appreciate the leverage that pricing has on their loss ratios and premium volume, few have the technical knowledge or time to test and dictate the critical ratemaking assumptions that will shape their company's future; and while insurance regulators recognize their obligation to protect consumers from excess profits and unfair discrimination, few have the resources to examine all the new and innumerable risk classifications and test the scores of new and varied data-mining and rate-development techniques.
This enormous collection of murdered trees contains countless rules, regulations and a list of innumerable sanctions the school intends to visit upon my child.
I, for one, have no doubt that the nanofication of American business is already well under way and that innumerable companies will soon begin attracting investors by assuring them that staggering nanotechnological breakthroughs in their corporate bailiwicks will soon occur.
In return for the innumerable benefits we get from plastics, we may have to accept the impossibility of achieving a "chemical-free" world.
Many a Catholic church in these innumerable resort towns of America also hustled during the summer influx of vacationers.
DUE TO THE IRREPLACEABILITY OF MATERIALS as well as the innumerable variations in physical condition and storage needs, special collections present many challenges to preservation and conservation professionals.
The innumerable levels and aspects of this legendary city live up to its promise of offering every activity from the ordinary to the sublime.
By 1900, Berlin was a city figuratively and literally papered over, boasting innumerable boulevard kiosks and advertising pillars and, most significantly the greatest newspaper density of any European city.
To move from author to editor, the latter should have caught the innumerable awkward phrases like "saintly conjurations," "saintly supplications," "saintly devotions," "mortal simulation," "sorcerous miracles," or "crucifixional victory.
The experiences of nonhuman animals -- enslaved in innumerable ways by human beings -- can be compellingly linked to the experiences of black people in the pre-Civil War United States.
The IRS also indicated that it may issue an automatic accounting method change procedure in the near future to permit such changes and avoid having to process innumerable accounting method change applications.