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How innumerably I'll pray for her heart's pulsings and her,
This function has innumerably many minima but it is extremely difficult to obtain any of them.
The top category was changed from the catch-all "Although I am not innumerably satisfied, I am generally satisfied with life now" to the more demanding "Completely satisfied.
The situation in Congress is even more Byzantine, with 20 or more authorization and appropriations committees (and innumerably more subcommittees) in the Senate and House each exercising jurisdiction over various pieces of the publicly funded R & D enterprise.
Given innumerably small perturbations early on and their unpredictable, though large effects later on, it becomes impossible to backtrack from effects to causes (you can't uncook an omelet).
The Talmud innumerably repeats the idea that redemption depends on repentance and good deeds; the interpretation of the verse 'I the Lord will speed it in due time' [Is.